Destination Christmas, Harrogate

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Ice Rink in Harrogate
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Destination Christmas, Harrogate


To complete a tender process for Harrogate Council to provide an ice rink, apres-ski bar, carousel, game and food stalls to Crescent Gardens, Harrogate alongside a large 32m observation wheel – from early December to early January for three consecutive years.

The location presented many challenges as the ground was uneven, it contained flower beds and was surrounded by roads. There were also restrictions on building and dismantling due to the proximity of local residents.


The Events By Cynosure team submitted a tender in line with Harrogate Council’s tendering process. We won the tender and proceeded to prepare for the installation.

Over a period of four months, the team worked closely with Harrogate Council, Destination Harrogate, ice rink suppliers and all infrastructure suppliers to design a layout and marketing plan for the event.

The team managed the installation around the restrictions for entering the site and with sensitivity to other businesses and residents in the area.

The team worked on the installation in the 12 days leading up to the official opening. This included working with base structure personnel, ice rink installation teams, website and ticketing staff, advertising and PR agencies, lighting engineers, bar installers, ride installers, street food providers, staffing for the site, security, fencing, banner, matting and power suppliers.


Destination Christmas in Crescent Gardens, Harrogate welcomed thousands of visitors from the official launch date of Friday 2nd December to the 3rd January.

The ice rink provided hourly sessions for families and schools. The 32m observation wheel gave visitors beautiful views of Harrogate and the surrounding areas.

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